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Will the CBD oil beauty trend continue in 2020?

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One of the hottest trends in the healthcare sector over the last couple of years and by our reckoning that trend looks set to continue into this year. We first started hearing about CBD oil benefits around 2015 and as we have learned more and as taboos about what this product is have been broken, it is very much something that has taken the world by storm. If your aren’t on the CBD oil bandwagon just yet, here is why 2020 may change that.

What is CBD Oil?

Let’s start with a quick explanation about what CBD oil is. The cannabis plant produces over 100 different chemical compounds, the two most commonly used compounds are THC and CBD, which are very different from each other in their atomic makeup. The compound THC is the chemical found in marijuana, which has psychoactive properties, CBD on the other hand does not have such properties, but has a number of uses which can help the body and the brain.

Mental health awareness

One of the proven uses of CBD oil is its ability to lower anxiety and symptoms of depression. Given that we live in a world where mental health awareness is spoken about more than ever before and multiple celebrities have come forward with their own stories about mental wellbeing and mental health, it makes sense that a product which can reduce the effects of mental health issues and improve wellbeing has found popularity.

Enough evidence

There is still so much to learn about this product and it may very well be the key to unlocking treatment and cures to a wide range of illnesses. Unfortunately the testing process of any drug or treatment is lengthy and this is why the potential ability is unexplored. With this being said, one of the reasons why this has become a popularly used product is that many people are recounting their stories online of how the oil has helped them, and for many people this is enough to convince them that they should use the product too. 

Potential benefits

Something which we have not heard anything about are the potential dangers of using CBD oil, likely because there aren’t. Given that this is a product which has been mooted as being a super-drug which can help with a wide array of ailments and illnesses, people are also taking CBD oil for the potential benefits, which they may not even know about yet.

The editorial unit

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