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best from Boston Massachusetts but yeah some love for therefore the graphics guys I think they did a great job on that but so we're gonna take about the next 30 minutes to really walk you through this company and the benefits that it's providing for people in a multitude of ways whether it's from better sleep but arrest less anxiety more relaxation less pain or whether it's a little bit more money in the bank account having some fun going out and being able to help other people this is what LivLabs is really all about and again my name is Debbie Reader and I'm the co-founder and the president of live labs and I love what I'm doing I love being able to get on these zooms like this and really be able to talk to people and and I love to read the feedback of what's going on with these products all across the country so what I want to do is before we get started Heidi I'm going to have you if you would really quickly or not really quickly take your time share with everyone your experience so far with the products I know you've not been using them that long but I loved your story cuz it touched on so many different points go ahead thank you well I started using these products a little over a month ago I was introduced to them by Laine Thank You Lane and I actually met Laine about four years ago we were involved in another company together so I'm very familiar with CBD and the benefits of CBD and the endocannabinoid system and the importance of having a full spectrum oil and how that works with our bodies so when I heard him talking about this I knew that it had to be something good so I jumped on board ordered them I have a history of dealing with anxiety and not being able to sleep at night really really bad I mean to the point to where twice in my life I've had to miss work like up to a month of work because my anxiety got so bad and I've had to get on medication which I didn't really want to do because I like to take the natural route whenever possible so four years ago when I first heard about CBD and how it could help with anxiety is when I started using it but I've never come across a product like this that has worked so effectively and again this is my own personal story I'm not trying to make any kind of medical claims I'm just sharing with you all how it's worked for me so this the drops I love I use these at night before I go to sleep and I usually take it about thirty minutes to an hour before I go to sleep and I just it doesn't make me groggy I just it slows down my mind and helps me to relax and I fall asleep I stay asleep and when I wake up in the morning I feel refreshed like I got a good night's sleep instead of feeling groggy from tossing and turning all night long or feeling groggy from taking you know a pharmaceutical drug which will help you sleep for a few hours and then you toss and turn the rest of the night so this helps me actually stay asleep and feel great in the morning so that's what works for me at night during the day I take the little gel capsules and I'll usually get up eat breakfast and maybe about thirty minutes after I eat I'll just take one and it does take a little longer to kick in I'm usually already feeling a little relaxed in the morning from taking the drops the night before but usually what will happen is within an hour to an hour and a half I'll just feel really focused and it's like when I speak my words just flow everything comes out better than it normally does when I'm not taking the CBD so it just really helps me stay focused and clears my mind and just helps me feel better as far as the bomb I don't really have a lot of issues with pain but I am on my feet all day long because I do here and I'm so a rat for a company so I'm standing on my feet or walking around and I do like to wear high heels because I'm only 5 1 so sometimes the bottoms of my feet can really really get sore and so I find that when I rub this on the bottom of my feet instead of waking up in the morning and my feet still hurt from the day before my feet don't hurt anymore and actually since I've started taking the CBD oil my feet don't hurt as much either so that has been my experience I am just a huge advocate of these products for anybody that has been in the CBD space for a while one thing that I've noticed this time around is that a lot of people are familiar with CBD the market is just inundated with a lot of bad product out there and people don't know so I feel like it's our job now not just to try to get people to you know buy this product but to educate people and teach them about ceg and what it does and teach them about why our product is superior to anything else that's on the market now so I feel like that's what I've been doing is just trying to educate people I love the samples that came in my pack if I can sell those for 20 bucks and people can try it so that's my story that's my testimony thank tiding awesome I mean you cover all the different things that you know just perfectly and I appreciate it so hanging on with me because I might bring you back on I've been known to do that occasionally but you know you were talking about the the trial pot the trial sizes the trial packs this is really allowing us to get out there and let people be try sumers people that might be a little skittish about trying a CBD you know hemp oil extract not quite sure what it's gonna do you know for them or to them and you know being able to try this and really really feel the difference and you know within goodness gracious today several people I was speaking to on the phone within 12 hours or if you're using the bomb sometimes it's like 90 seconds 90 seconds to relief I know for me personally you know I love you may have heard my story have a bad knee from sports and from horseback riding and all of that and and the drops really helped me in the morning to you know be able to go up and down the stairs and and do a lot of things but when my grandkids are here and they're five and eight and they want me to pick them up guess what happens my hurt sometimes and I can rub that balm on there and within two or three minutes it's like normal I can reach over and touch my toes again and you know absolutely incredible so let me explain to you because I know we have some guests on tonight and I had I saw one lady that said wow I just want to know why this is different because she's been taking CBD products and and Heidi you were the same way and you told us some of the things so let's talk about why we're different and what kind of sets us apart and you know I would say this is kind of a busy space there is a lot of products out there but understand really they just started rolling out in the last couple of years and you know Heidi as you said there's all kinds of quality or lack of quality out there and you truly do get what you pay for when it comes to CBD products and so what we've done it live is something a little differently we came out saying we're going to be premium we're gonna get them yeah the best yet the best organic camp the best process of extracting the best purification the best proprietary formulas so that when people try our products and we're so confident that you can try our products and love them within five days or less but this is this is what we promote a lot of times it is a five day trial so if you're looking at the screen and you're not yet but you shell now let's go look at the screen now you're gonna see that basically you know over the last couple of years hemp CBD the whole it really basically CBDs kind of a catch-all for a plethora of cannabinoids that are in the hemp plant now the hemp plant itself has a ton of it's very rich in phytochemicals very low in THC THC is what makes hi okay now marijuana on the other hand now they're the same they're both cannabis the different plants marijuana on the other hand has a moderate amount of cannabinoids and very high THC so the plants are uniquely different the same in some ways but uniquely different but about 50 years ago when marijuana was outlawed hemp was you know kind of guilty by association outlawed also and that's been changing over the last four or five years the farm bill said hey guys it's up to the states you know do what you want to do and now live Labs is able to ship in all 50 states now because we are zero THC and I'll talk more about that at a moment but the benefits of cannabinoids the benefits of what they can do in your body I don't have to spend hours trying to educate you on this go google it go google it google any particular element you might be having and just put that in the same search box as the word cannabinoid or CBD or hemp oil extract and you're going to get all kinds of different articles that pop up and you know I love the fact that we're dealing with you know a product or a natural product that basically has so many benefits for people and animals all mammals because we all have something called an IND a cannabinoid system from the top of our head to the tip of our toes like Heidi says her feet hurt sometimes at night and in the morning we have an endo cannabinoid system just like you have a digestive system and a reproductive system and a nervous system and they all communicate well you're into a cannabinoid system has been pretty quiet for years and years and years because it was not fed what it needed and that was cannabinoids your body produces a small amount but you need to supplement hemp is probably the most prolific as far as production of cannabinoids now what makes us different what makes us different well number one we only use organically grown him now I know you're saying oh you're on that organic kick again yeah I got here at our house we buy it Organic as we possibly can but let me tell you what if you don't buy anything organic buy your hemp organic why because hemp is nature's sponge it soaks everything up bad good or indifferent it doesn't care and so when you have organic practices when it comes to growing your hemp you're not using toxins or pesticides yeah you're growing it in the fertile soil of Colorado it's naturally irrigated it's just it's incredible and that's where you that's where you start if you start with him that you don't know where it comes from like the twenty nine bottles dollar bottles and the thirty nine dollar bottles probably bringing their hemp over from Asia where there's absolutely no quality control over there whatsoever in their hemp fields so when you bring their hand over yeah you're gonna get some cannabinoids but you're gonna get the toxins and the pesticides and who knows what else and guess what they're going to be concentrated in your hemp oil so be very aware of what you're consuming number two how are they extracting it and are they purifying it very important you know even though we have organic hemp we go through a triple purification process where we purify all solvents all toxins heavy metals and the THC out of the product so you know that when you get any three of our delivery systems you're getting quality you're getting the you know the maximum amount of purified cannabinoids in a dose and then scientifically advanced formulas and this is what sets us apart right here and you know what one of these days I'm gonna get the camera down here and you're really gonna see the difference between our hydro Pro and the vast majority of the other products out there I don't know Heidi have you done this did you go try some of your other CBD products in a glass of water and the hydro pro oh yeah they don't that it doesn't work with the you put this in water couple ounces of water just gently swirl it and it dissipates it's gone it's water-soluble it's nano enhanced technology you put 99% of other products out in the market in water and you know what happens when oil and water well they don't miss right and it gloves up and it floats up to the top of the water and you like dude I'm swallowing that and my body is almost all water and so is that what's going on inside my body absolutely absolutely because what happens inside your body when you take a traditional oil is about ten percent absorption now that's kind of expensive when you think about it I pay 30 1989 99 100 whatever 99 and I'm only absorbing 10% now there are some companies out there and they've taken it a step further and they're called liposomal where they encapsulate it in a little pillow of fat and they break it down kind of small they like to say it's nano but it's not really it's not small enough to be nano and when you swallow that you're going to get around 20% or a little bit less absorption bioavailability but when you take ours which is nano I mean it's small little particles that's why it automatically just dissipates in water it's smaller than the water molecule you're gonna get 50 to 70% absorption that means five to seven times more and a lot of the normal products that are out there so imagine what you would have to spend to get the same efficacy you know when you're looking at these other products so I know personally just like Heidi I used other products before and I had minimal results and in fact at the time I thought they were kind of profound and then when I started taking the hydro pro and the soft gels I'm putting the salve on I was like oh my gosh now these are results no pain you know sleeping all night and something to that I like to share and I think it's kind of funny but I put my dog on at the same time I started he's a 14 year old poodle and he was just as Limpy and lame as me and we would struggle to go up and down the stairs together and we would look at each other go okay let's do this it was one step at a time and I put him on the drops also and he runs around like a puppy now in fact I was laughing so hard at him yesterday because he was going up the stairs so fast just going up so fast that that his little feet were going these back feet would kind of losing traction and I was like slow down you know we're you know five months ago it was it was a it was a task and a chore for him and when you see that happen with your puppy you know you love your dogs of course but you know it's not a placebo effect it's really happening I mean they're not gonna fake it if they're not in pain they show it because they're happier so I talked about our product what sets us apart there its vertically integrating that means every single step of the way it's our strategic partner that does everything from the soil to the seed to growing the harvest to harvesting it to extracting the the cannabinoids and the flavonoids and the terpenes to purifying it and to bottling it then it comes over to what we call our operations department and this sets us apart to liquori enterprises is what we call our back end meaning the moment it hits our warehouse in Missouri liquori enterprises pretty much takes over they take the orders they provide customer service they ship the product out they pay all commissions now why is this so important to you well if you're looking at this as a business opportunity you want to know that it's run well you want to know that you know we're not going to have the huge big hiccups that a lot of new companies have because of the seasoned experience of our operations department this particular the poor Enterprises runs about 70 million in sales every month through their offices so how incredible is that again another partner that helps us launch live labs to provide not only premium products but a premium business opportunity so um what oh hey I'm gonna bring you in again because I know that you you've played play DVDs before and you've also built a business around it what do you see different here versus maybe some some of the other ones you've dealt with in the past are you talking about my experience with the product or the company in general the company in general the business oh so much more professional and I mean you order the products they get here quickly the packaging is nice just you know the little info cards that come with it the samples it's just it's been very professional the whole way through and I love that we have our link now that we can send people to so it's it's just been a really good experience and I have dealt with those hiccups with other companies in the past where they say well we're a new company so you just got to hang in there but in the meantime it makes it really really hard to to run your business so this has been just like night and day compared to other companies so much better we're only a little over a month old aren't we a seed August 8 September 8th II I have 2 August September it's you know for me it's it seems like a lot longer a little over month old and yeah we're not perfect you have little things here and there but I love what we're doing here and I love that we're generating already some some pretty generous incomes for people and I think that's pretty incredible also so what I'm gonna do is segue a little bit into our form of compensation how we compensate you for doing just what Heidi's doing using the product and sharing your own personal story and by doing that you gather customers and from those customers you're gonna have some that kind of raise their hand and say you know what I want to be a promoter I want to build this business with you I want some additional income I need a nest egg I want to get out of a job I hate I want a new car these things that start rolling around in people's minds and and normally in a situation when they start to dream about those things they're thinking oh gosh I gotta go get another job I got to go work more hours I'm gonna have to start a traditional business and I don't have 30 40 50 60 thousand to do it so they just kind of put those dreams on the Shelf until they're introduced to a business like live labs and so I'm going to go through these things really quickly with you now for the cut when you make the decision to become a promoter okay people come in as customers all the time we love our customers and if you're happy to be a customer and just use the products will actually show you how you can get your products free in just a moment but if you make the decision to become a promoter build the business with us okay you start out with a forty seven dollar fee to become a pro and you get an awesome kit you get a kit with tools that you can start building your business with right away you also and this is coming out soon guys thanks for being patient here here's one of our things we're hanging on for is our custom app that's going to help us really be able to work our whole phone a whole phone our whole business right from our phone from sending videos out to sending samples out or trial packs out to really keeping up with who's got what and what they're looking at and what they're interested in it'll all be done on your phone we have a great video that we're using called calm the chaos because one of the things that we understand that I know I had to get this through my head is when I started think I'm gonna be in the hint business well you know what am I gonna tell my kids yeah because you think what my kids gonna think of me and both might get my my older daughters were like a mom it's about time you know they've been Houston seems for a while okay there is a stigma around it a little bit so we use some humor and a little bit of science to dispel that stigma between marijuana over here THC hemp and phyto cannabinoids over here they both serve their very unique purposes but we are him we're all about a high level of cannabinoids and zero THC we also as I mentioned before have these trial packs which really allow you to bring a lot of customers into the business so when we're talking about customers we do something I think is quite unique here we reward those who gather customers we don't compete with you we don't try to turn your customers into promoters we want you to have customers and we want you to earn from those customers so when you bring customers in you can see here that you're going to earn a very tiny percentage off of their orders plus you're going to be able to earn depth in customers too so and I don't want to get too technical here but let's say an order comes in it's a hundred dollars we pay 75 points on that half of that volume goes into the customers half goes into another portion of the plan I'll show you in a minute perhaps it goes into the customers you get 40% of you're gonna get about eighteen dollars off of one model of product for at full price you're going to get about $15 per unit and then as you can see as you go down you earn percentages and as each level goes down the number of customers grow I'll show you more about that in just a moment so I promise I will show you how to get free products if you want to be a customer and stay there but you want to refer others get three people on smart ship you don't smart ship get three people on smart ship you get free product the following month and it's the average of those three orders if all three of those people are on two products then you're gonna get two products the following month and you can earn that month after month after month now the next thing I'm going to talk about quickly is now you're making a conscientious effort and they saved I'm gonna be a promoter as I bring other promoters in I'm gonna start earning fast start bonuses and you can see they go all the way up to 38% of the fast starts that are purchase or the packages that are purchased by your new promoter in the first 30 days I'm gonna show you the 15k VIP really quickly that lets you 132 percent of the promoters first month packs that they purchase and you can actually earn the difference between where you are and where they are I'm not going to get into that too much it can get a little confusing but here I want you to see something that so many people are having a fall doing and that's going after our three bonuses we've got go VIP VIP plus and VIP max and these are timed bonuses and you can actually keep a very accurate count in your back-office as you hit these bonuses things start to turn green and you see what you need to do so a thousand in your first 14 days worth of group volume personal grooming get you a two hundred dollar bonus when you go to two thousand in the first 30 days and that's your personal great volume your customers and your personal promoters you're on a four hundred dollar bonus and sixty days if you do four thousand in group volume personal group volume you get an eight hundred dollar bonus now in addition to this you're earning all of your other commissions and that can equal gosh right at twenty-five hundred or a little bit or in just those first 60 days but you don't have to stretch it out for 60 days if you don't want to we've got people do it in the first 30 days we've got people doing it in the first seven days meeting all of these bonuses you also have a bonus pool that you drop into after you hit the max that lasts for three months we have the deep residuals nine levels of 5% and guys let me just say this if you are not familiar with network marketing and this is looking like Greek to you I think you ought to just be impressed that we payout ten different ways ten different ways that are all in addition to each other what's the last time you've been able to do that right ten different jobs I don't think so you know you don't have to work ten times it's hard and you just work smart and as you bring people in and they bring people in you actually get to earn levels of percentages of the volume that is going on in your team right and it's fun it's fun you know six months from now you may have a couple of hundred or even a couple of thousand people in your team you don't know them all but you're earning from all of their efforts this is kind of what our industry is famous for so again I just want to show you the 15k position on the screen you see that the 15k earns five levels of 5% now what does that mean if I brought in three people on my first level and taught them to bring three people in there's nine on my second level does nine bring three there's 27 on my third than 81 you see where I'm going here each level potentially represents a lot more people a lot more orders and a lot more volume now happy customers make each level Richard it does you can see what I'm talking about here and you can see how these numbers grow okay as you get deeper and that generates that really does make the whole comp plan much richer because we love our customers we do everything we can to really make them happy the leadership depth bonus is when you get into leadership levels diamonds and above the leadership residual we'll check a match that you see here this is awesome you bring in somebody like Heidi who just goes crazy and she's having fun and she's bringing people in she's generating incomes you can actually earn a percentage match of the residual portion of her check you know and so not only are you earning all the other ways the other nine ways you've got a check match here so even if you bring someone in who's better than you and does more than you because they just maybe they know a little more in the very beginning or they got more energy than maybe you do right now you still earn a percentage check match cool huh the last thing I want to mention is to live your dreams bonus this is where once you had certain ranks and again look at the 15k VIP you're gonna start earning a monthly stipend a monthly amount that comes to you every month that you stay qualified use it for a car use a fur boat use it for a vacation use it for whatever is your dream it's live your dreams not live my dreams and we want you to experience them you know the absolute best that life has to offer and that live has to offer so what I want to show you quickly and we'll end this right now because I want to keep it within 30 minutes and be a respecter of your time I also give all of you time to go to go get your product and roll or come in as a customer when this is done but we've got three different packs that we offer to those that want to be promoters and congratulations to all of those that came in today we appreciate you you trusting us and having faith in these products and coming in as promoters I'm just going to give you a big thank you and welcome to the team but there are three packs to choose from you've got the family pack for 297 one of each product you've got the variety pack for 495 which is going to be five products okay you've got a choice of one full size of each and then two of these trial packs which there's five trials in each trial pack or or five trial packs and then you've got the 990 pack which we call the best value because it's not just about the product that you get it's about the position that you'll be able to hold in the compensation plan grandfathered six months at that 15k VIP that I've pointed out about three or four times as I walked you through this presentation so you know I just I really want to emphasize here we have something very special we have something that's just not even two months old yet we have about 560 people maybe a little more that it kind of ticks away as I'm sitting here and talking that are in the company itself that's just a drop in the bucket a drop in the bucket when you have such phenomenal products the compensation plan that I just showed you is already generating some wonderful checks changing people's lives right now as we speak and so what's really left for you to do is just get back with the person that brought you do what heidi did heidi are you glad that you became part of live loves yeah i'm very happy that i became part of it i know that this is just the beginning and it's gonna be huge so i'm very happy how close are the jingyan's my biggest level two so I'm excited about that yeah yeah you know what that's that's that's the smartest way to come in if you can if it's not where you are right now and your finances or whatever but I encourage you hey if you have to scrape it up a little bit or go without a couple of Starbucks and do it this is this is your future we're talking about right this is this is something that could potentially change your life and in your family's lives and then just the people that you come into contact with there's nothing more heartwarming than getting a text or a Facebook message of somebody whose pain is gone away or who's been able to sleep through the night for the first time in like six years how incredible is that so we're very blessed and we're very fortunate thank you all for joining us tonight we appreciate each and every one of you will be back next week with nightly webinars every night of the week we want to spread this message we want to build this crusade and we want you to be a part of it also so Heidi thank you so much for sharing we appreciate you so much thank you for having me on tonight's call Tempe absolutely all right everybody we're officially over get back with the person that invited you let's get your account open and let's start talking about live lives good night everyone


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