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Hi, this is Tammy and I want to talk to you today about this book healing with hemp CBD oil and I have recently started reading it I have recently gotten involved in a company that sells CBD oil and You know, that's really kind of started me down a different path here for looking at different healthcare different ways of Providing interventions looking at things that I can do that are for me more holistic Now I'm not against medicine

I'm not against going to the doctor I'm not a doctor I'm not giving you medical advice I'm just telling you a little bit about my experience so far with CBD oil and You'll see some other things on my playlist or my youtube you know that talked a little bit about some experiences that I'm having are other people that I know are having and What I've noticed for me personally since I've been on the CBD oil and it's been probably no not quite a month, but what I've noticed is A difference in I have cut down now I'm also doing some of the sprays that the company offers so I can't tell you which one You know that it might be a combination But what I feel like is with the CBD oil Because I was doing the sprays first but after I started the CBD oil, I noticed that the cravings that I used to have for, you know, potato chips or sugar, you know mostly potato chips and carbs and sugar I have reduced and And I didn't notice it at first and then, you know a couple of weeks ago or better we can half ago I was like, you know, I don't I don't remember having you know this craving or you know someone asked me if I would if I wanted something and I'm like, no, you know, it didn't even really sound good and it was interesting because I was at my daughter's yesterday and Someone had made some brownies in her house and She you know had a little minor surgery so people were bringing in some food and they'd brought in some brownies for her and the kids and she said You know mommy won her brownie and I first I was like oh, but I didn't want to be rude So I said, okay and I ate the brownie and I was like too way too much way too much sugar, you know I was like, oh, this is too much and it's interesting because Before I would have liked Oh, yeah brownie You know Let's I probably would have eaten one or two of them And then I probably would have had a cup of coffee with it and that's the other thing I've noticed is that I've Cut down on my caffeine consumption and I think I was doing it before because I was I was feeling tired all the time but I don't I don't feel as tired as I was previously and again, I don't know if it's because of the Spray that I've been using it at night that helps you sleep or if it's if that part of it is the CBD oil But anyway, that's just a little bit about my personal experience so far What I want to talk to you about I'm gonna I'm just gonna pick some things out of the chapter This might be something that affects you this particular one is on headaches specific, you know headaches he calls them cluster headaches and then there are migraine headaches rebound headache sinus headaches and tension headaches and So what he does here he goes through and he talks about what some of the triggers are and in what he has listed here our lifestyle Or concealed disease and some of these triggers can be alcohol or too much caffeine Changes in your waking or sleeping patterns dehydration food additives hormonal changes and women infections lack of exercise medication overuse personality traits skipping meals sleep deprivation And your stress and that's on page 87 on the book in the book and then he goes on to talk about Sort of what the typical? Treatments are for headaches and tension headaches Including the sprays and the pain relievers and all of the things that you you would take if you were having all of this and then says some of the side effects of those pills medications can be sleep sleepiness fatigue of racing heartbeat and He said use of these medications over a long period of time may result in rebound headaches So I'm not really I don't really have a lot of headaches of the sinus stuff but I know there are other people out here that that are having difficulties with migraines sinuses Those you know cluster headaches sensitivity to light things like that So what he's saying here is CBD and hemp oil and how that treats Headaches and migraines and he says here hemp oil and other CBD products exhibit the ability to treat headaches and migraines studies have indicated a relationship between migraines and Endocannabinoid dysfunction and a survey conducted by SF Gate one hundred percent of the population reported that CBD oil relieved their migraines I'm pretty excited about that statistic Include a link here that he he also goes on to talk about

Dr Ethan Russo Who also talked about the relationship between Endocannabinoid deficiency and migraines and then he went on to develop a theory related to that So I wanted to include that link in here so that if you had some interest in that you can go in and read that so He his recommendation for using CBD oil For migraines or other types of headaches is 15 milligrams to thirty milligrams of CBD twice daily Vaping has also been reported to be effective Let me go over here for a second and switch to that Screenshot so you can see that article so here's a screenshot of the site that I was talking about and I'll just scroll down here and it gives you the transcript of the complete interview and also links that you can share that so but I wanted to include that in the in my youtube video so that you can go over here and look for yourself and again He says 15 milligrams to 30 milligrams of CBD twice daily Vaping has also been reported to be effective to deliver fast relief with either CBD or THC if the patient can tolerate THC hemp seed oil with omega-3 ala in addition to marine omega-3 epa and DHA If you are one of those people and I know there's a ton of people in our in our world that has trouble with headaches for you know different reasons and I already told you what the some of the triggers were but I would think most people, you know fall under that stress too much caffeine Dehydration food, you know additives skipping mills sleep deprivation, you know in our society

It's go-go-go If that's something that you're interested in or that you struggle with and you're looking for some alternatives then I would highly recommend the book and then that you You know take a look at some CBD oil and again, I'm gonna give you a link to a company that I'm involved with I'm an affiliate independent affiliate with and Again, no medical claims, you know, we always say please do your research If you have any questions about the company that I'm affiliated with Please let me know I'd be happy to talk to you about that You're welcome to just you sign in and get free information If you have questions please contact me http://thetopcbdoilcom


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