THC and CBD Effects

THC and CBD Effects

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THC and CBD are the most abundant cannabinoids in cannabis plants.

THC and CBD have many overlapping effects but also some unique effects you should know about.

THC Effects

– Psychoactive – produces a “high”

– Sedating/relaxing

– Pain relieving

– Muscle relaxing

– Reduces nausea/vomiting

– Appetite stimulating

– Helps with sleep

– Reduces anxiety/depression

– Anti-tumor effects

CBD Effects

– Non-psychoactive – no “high”

– Alerting in low doses; sedating in high doses (this is called the
biphasic effect of CBD)

– Pain relieving

– Muscle relaxing

– Strong anti-inflammatory

– Reduces nausea/vomiting

– Reduces anxiety/depression

– Stops psychotic thoughts

– Anti-oxidant

– Anti-convulsant

– Neuro-protectant

– Anti-tumor effects

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