Restaurant Road Trip: The Herb –

SALEM, W.Va. – Only open since October, The Herb in Salem puts a new spin on an old tradition.

Owner Michelle Loar said it was her goal to bring something new to the community members that could be incorporated with things they already know and love.

“We wanted to do a CBD shop, so then we thought of the idea of bringing in coffees and we could just put CBD in the coffees and just have a coffee shop with hot chocolates and frappuccinos,” said Loar.

CBD is often used for pain relief, depression, and anxiety. Many customers have seen success using the products, which can be incorporated into any of The Herb’s menu items or bought by themselves, and frequently come back for more.

“I use the CBD oil because I have bad knees and of course, we like the coffee and the pastries,” said customer Joyce Zirkle, who has been repeatedly visiting since the shop opened.

Loar said she hopes to keep experimenting with new ideas and attracting new customers within the community.

“We would like to continue this shop and hopefully it does well and just continue from what we’re doing. We’re having a great time,” said Loar.

The Herb is located at 190 W Main Street in Salem.



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