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A growing number of bedding producers (including Therapedic’s Serenity model in its B-Calm line and Malouf in its CBD pillows) are featuring the CBD in their newest sleep products.

Las Vegas – CBD mattresses and pillows showing at Las Vegas Market could develop into a new product category in their own right, their producers believe.

Top 10 mattress producer Therapedic, the biggest bedding manufacturer to jump into the category, is showing a three-number CBD mattress line in which the mattresses feature CBD-infused foam and CBD-infused covers.

The line is called B-calm, and Therapedic CEO Gerry Borreggine believes CBD bedding could deliver the next big feature in the bedding category: Calming products.

“Currently, CBD is an unregulated supplement,” he said. “But studies have been published claiming it has been clinically proven to induce calmness and has been used in treating insomnia. Who wouldn’t want that in a mattress?”

CBD, short for cannabidiol, is a natural derivative of the cannabis plant that has been clinically proven to impart a feeling of relaxation and calmness. It is the non-psychoactive portion of cannabis, unlike its potent counterpart, THC, which is the psychoactive ingredient in the plant. By law, CBD and hemp products may contain no more than 0.3% THC, Borreggine said.

Therapedic is giving away sample CBD relaxation balms manufactured by Seed2System in Colorado. The farm is owned in part by the Mutter family of Doerr Furniture in Louisiana.

Paramount Sleep, making its first showing in the World Market Center (B200-06), is showing a Nature’s Spa CBD mattress. It features a rayon and cotton knit fabric that is infused with certified pure cannabidiol layered atop a 100% natural hemp upholstery pad, Talalay latex, New Zealand wool and organic cotton.

The encapsulated CBD is released slowly by friction, allowing it to be absorbed by the body to promote healthy sleep while reducing inflammation and anxiety, Paramount officials said.

The evidence is mounting; CBD is a safe, non-habit-forming, and natural aid for people who have occasional insomnia,” said Richard Fleck, Paramount’s president. “With the CBD market exploding, offering consumers a CBD and hemp fiber option was a natural fit for our Nature’s Spa program.”

In the sleep accessories arena, Malouf has added the soothing effects of CBD to three of its signature pillows: the ActiveDough, the Zoned Dough, and the Shoulder.

As wellness trends grow and shoppers search for whole-body healing solutions, CBD is an exciting new option, Malouf said.

CBD bedding products can be found in select showrooms across the market.

MLily USA is featuring CBD oil-infused ticking in a new 15-inch mattress, touting the prospect of a sounder night of sleep.

ZBD Bed, showing in the Specialty Sleep Assn. showroom (WMC C-1565), is featuring a CBD-infused mattress, which promotes healing, relaxation and rest, company officials say. ZBD, which currently sells exclusively online, is looking to expand its business model to retailers.

CannaBeds, also showing in the SSA showroom, is highlighting its environmentally friendly Gel Memory Foam Hemp Mattress line and will also be showing its top-selling hemp and latex pillows.

CBD sales are on the upswing and offer major growth potential, bedding producers say. Paramount’s Fleck points to a study that says the collective market for CBD sales is expected to top $20 billion in the United States by 2024.



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