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I thought the CBD trend was harmless, snake oil that could drain your wallet but not much else, but a recent experience has me questioning otherwise. I had previously purchased several different brands of the oil, eventually finding one that did help me sleep, as well as several that probably contained little or no CBD, thanks to the lack of regulation. While I have no doubt CBD can be useful for certain types of epilepsy, sleep and pain, the dosages are likely much different and higher than any amount found in a tincture.

During my recent problematic experience, I took what I thought was 100 mg of CBD [available in the Asheville area], a dose that had previously helped me with anxiety and insomnia. However, about two hours after ingestion, I noticed a lack of short-term memory, closed-eye hallucinations and increased social anxiety as well as other clear signs of THC intoxication. I was previously diagnosed with borderline schizophrenia (they use the term schizotypal more nowadays) and know I am very sensitive to these compounds. In the past, they caused a lot of problems, though I thought I was safe in this instance. I am not writing this to fearmonger but spread awareness of the problem of lax regulation in this area.

I have no doubt CBD can be useful, and many companies are doing good work in distributing it, and it seems to have a much safer side-effect profile than prescriptions, but in its current state with lack of regulation as well as testing, it’s very problematic, especially for those prone to dissociative or psychotic states.

— Name withheld

Source: https://mountainx.com/opinion/letter-a-problematic-cbd-experience/


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