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LONGMON, Colo., Feb. 11, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — KYOTO BOTANICALS launches its brand and eCommerce website,, with six new products. Looking to change how people view the CBD category by providing products that are crafted by hand using the finest ingredients, KYOTO BOTANICALS aims to deliver products where every ingredient matters.

KYOTO BOTANICALS focuses on using the finest whole-plant hemp extract combined with simple ingredients found in nature to deliver the best CBD experience and results. Nature is sacred, and that is why KYOTO BOTANICALS works so hard to bring the benefits of nature to you in the cleanest and simplest way.

Quality matters at KYOTO BOTANICALS as much as it does to you. Their passion for quality extends beyond the botanical ingredients put in the products.

  • Fully owned and operated facility, so every step of the process is controlled by KYOTO BOTANICALS.
  • Every batch is third-party lab tested to verify quality and consistency before a single bottle is shipped.
  • Cartons made from 80% post-consumer wastepaper blended with 30% hemp fibers.

“At Kyoto Botanicals, we are conscientious producers of hemp-derived CBD products with the goal of delivering high quality consumer products currently lacking in the marketplace. We deliver products that are thoughtfully crafted to include only whole plant ingredients that are as close to nature as possible,” said Ron Morrow, CEO and cofounder. “We believe nature has provided us everything we need to live happy and healthy lives, so we focus on making those ingredients available to as many people as possible in delicious and convenient ways.”

KYOTO BOTANICALS products include:

  • BREATH(e) Lemon Ginger Tincture – Organic MCT coconut oil, 1200mg CBD, organic lemon peel oil, and organic ginger root oil.
  • WARM(th) Cinnamon Turmeric Tincture – Organic MCT coconut oil, 1200mg CBD, organic cinnamon bark oil, and organic turmeric root oil.
  • REST(ful) Spearmint Tincture – Organic MCT coconut oil, 1200mg CBD, and organic spearmint leaf oil.
  • BREATH(e) Face Serum – Thoughtful blend of five organic botanical oils with 600mg CBD delivers antioxidants and nutrients to keep skin refreshed and radiant.
  • WARM(th) Body Balm – Targeted warmth after an active day with 9 essential oils, 400mg CBD, and organic beeswax in a rich and enlivening balm.
  • REST(ful) Body Oil – Organic coconut oil and a nourishing blend of essential oils and 500mg CBD anoints and resurrects skin.


KYOTO BOTANICALS delivers the highest quality CBD products to our consumers so that they can find harmony and balance in their lives and positively affect the world and those around them. Grounded in family roots and a belief that small things make a big impact, we believe in giving back to the community and are dedicated to building a brand that can impact local and global needs. Through our line of innovative hemp-based products, KYOTO BOTANICALS thoughtfully combines the finest ingredients in nature to deliver quality, consistency, and results consumers can count on batch to batch. Twitter kyotobotanicals, Instagram kyotobotanicals, Facebook kyotobotanicals,

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Mark Gillilan


SOURCE Kyoto Botanicals

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