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Rebecca Hart operates a dog obedience training business and wonders how CBD oil can benefit animals who have behavior issues.

Hart, who operates Lucky Dog Behavior & Training in Genoa City, said she would like to know it would be safe to suggest the substance for her clients’ pets.

“Learning about it is definitely helpful, so I can teach other people how to use it,” she said.

Kyle Hubertz of Lake Geneva said CBD seems to be a widely discussed subject these days, so he is interested in learning more about the products and their potential benefits.

“I was just curious about the topic,” he said.

Both Hart and Hubertz joined others Jan. 8 at the Lake Geneva Public Library for a “CBD 101” presentation about sometimes-controversial CBD products, also known as cannabidiol oil.

CBD, which is a chemical found in marijuana plants, hemp plants, does not produce any psycho-active effects, but it can be used to reduce pain and anxiety.

Officials in Fontana recently passed an ordinance requiring store owners to keep CBD products behind the counter, after the village’s police chief said such products were not consistent with Fontana’s “clean image.”

Laurie Lepeska, who markets CBD products, led the library discussion, saying CBD is helpful to reduce anxiety, maintain healthy cholesterol, reduce pain, improve cardiovascular health and reduce vomiting and nausea, among other health benefits.

“It’s one of the greatest medical discoveries of our time,” she said, “and that’s why I got so excited about it.”

Lepeska is scheduled to conduct another “CBD 101” presentation 6 p.m. Feb. 5 at the Barrett Memorial Library in Williams Bay.

About 15 people attended the Lake Geneva discussion.

Lepeska told the crowd that she has a friend who gives CBD to a 6-year-old son who exhibits symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

“She said it has helped him tremendously to mellow out and focus at school,” she said.

People should be careful when purchasing CBD products, to make sure a product has been certified by the U.S. Hemp Authority, has no artificial ingredients and has no more than three natural ingredients.

“If you see a CBD oil product, and there are five, six or seven different ingredients, put it down,” she said.

In discussing the differences among marijuana, hemp and CBD products, Lepeska said marijuana and hemp were deemed illegal in 1937. Hemp plants were made legal again in 2018 through a farm bill.

Lepeska said she started using CBD a year ago to help relieve shoulder pain. Within about two months, the pain subsided.

“I was getting all the range of motion back in my shoulder,” she said. “It’s almost 99 percent back.”

Hart said she found the library presentation informative, and she plans to learn more.

“I learned things that I hadn’t heard about before,” she said. “It was reliable, new information for me, so it was really important for me to attend.”

Hubertz said he also enjoyed the program, and thought Lepeska was trying to present the most accurate information as possible.

“There was no real agenda,” he said. “She wasn’t trying to push anything.”

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