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In this video I'm going to help you understand how to calculate CBD Dosage So that when your choosing a CBD Product Or if you already have one you know exactly how much to take I'll show you some examples of Holland and Barrett CBD Oil to show you how to make this calculation So as a member of the cannabis trades associaton I do need to let you know we do sell CBD here in the UK as a food supplement only We don't make any medicinal claims I do hope you like this video if you do please be sure to give it a Thumbs Up and Hit the Subscribe so you can learn, live and share your CBD Journey with me Let's get into the video I get asked questions similar to this all the time Firstly there's no one size fits all with CBD Dosage When you buy a CBD Oil it's going to have some dosage instructions on there But these are just guidelines because they don't know how much you need

I don't know how much you need The only person that knows how much CBD you need is you Because you know whats best for you So there are some theories of thought that CBD Dosage is based on your body weight however there is no scientific evidence to back this up Now the reason for this is that We are all wonderfully uniqueWe all have different bodies We have different current states of health Different Past health issues We are different ages

We have different lifestyles And also To add onto the variety of that is we use different CBD Suppliers who have different types of CBD Oils, different strengths, different qualities This really is about Just giving you some guidelines for you to start your CBD Journey then it's listening to your body and adjusting accordingly I'm going to give you a really easy calculation so that you can determine what CBD dosage is right for you The first thing that you need to look for when you have your CBD oil, is you need to look at The Total MG of CBD in the bottle So as you can see from canabidols CBD Oil It tells you very clearly on the front of the box that this oil has 500mg CBD in total And with this CBD Oil from Cannabigold You can see that this also has 500mg of CBD in total in the bottle Now if you've bought a cbd oil or your looking at a cbd oil online and it doesn't tell you the full amount of CBD that is in that bottle I would be very cautious of this company

And the reason being, if they haven't put how much CBD in MG is in the bottle It's probably because they don't know and if they don't know it's probably because they haven't had it tested at a laboratory Now it's really important that CBD Oils are tested at third party laboratories Not only to test that the right amount of CBD is in there because if you can imagine when all of this CBD Oil and terpenes and phytocannabinoids and CBD is extracted for the hemp plant and you can imagine that there are thousands and thousands of bottles These tests will not only test that one bottle has got 500mg cbd in but that it's got consistency across the whole batch Because you don't want to a buy a product that says its got 500mg in when really it's only got 470mg in or 450mg in So that's why it's really important that you check that the CBD oil that your buying has got a laboratory test certificate with it So thenext thing we need to look for is the amount of liquid that is in the bottle

Now sometimes this maybe in pippette or maybe it's done as drops You'll have to check your CBD Oil to check which one it is Now what we are going to do is we are going to divide the total mg of CBD in the bottle by the total drops or pippettes and that's going to give us MG Per Drop or Mg per Pippette Im going to show you now by calculating Holland and Barretts CBD Oil I know that the 2

75% cbd oil from holland and barrettHas roughly 275 mg of cbd in the bottle They have also said that there are roughly 240 drops in the bottle So what we will do is we will divide 275mg by 240 drops and that's going to give us 114mg per drop Here in the the UK we suggest starting CBD by using roughly between 0-25mg a day

Now this is your choice I personally feel that 10mg for the vast majority of people is a reasonable amount to start with Some people who are very sensitive or are abit cautious or wary about using CBD, by all means just use 5mg a day What this means is that after 7 days of using your preferred amount then you can double it Then after 7 days you can double it again

If you feel it necessary The max is 200mg to take in a day That's what we recommend here in the UK A reputable CBD Supplier will give you these instructions already on the packagng You won't need to calculate it yourself

As an example with Canabidols you can see here that for the 500mg bottle it gives you 20 servings of 25mg Half a pippette is 25mg and a full pippette is 50mg So you know that if you are taking 25mg a day This product will last you for 20 days Again with the cannabigold cbd oil You can see here that it has 500mg in total in the bottle,and it has 400 drops Which equates to 1

25mg per drop So now no matter who you've bought your cbd oil from, whether you have bought it from me or whether you have bought it from another supplier You should be able to now easily calculate How much CBD your taking in regards to dosage and then you can assess it and amend and change it,and increase it or decrease it depending on how you feel I hope you've found this video interesting and helpful and useful Hit the subscribe button so you don't miss my next video all about CBD Let's learn, live and share our CBD journeys together

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