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Downtown Sundry offers an array of products centered around wellness, travel, home and more.

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Downtown Sundry owner Dave Anderson, right, stands behind the counter with his son, Liam, who works in the store.

At Downtown Sundry, offering a broad range of products is key.

The new shop on 81 Warren St. in downtown Tunkhannock opened its doors with a soft opening on Black Friday. Owner Dave Anderson said that for him and his wife Cristina, opening a shop in the town they live in is something they have always wanted to do.

The couple moved to Tunkhannock in 2010. Dave was born here and returned often throughout childhood to visit family, and then brought his wife later for family reunions.

“We just always loved it. It’s a pretty place,” he said.

They enjoy the “small town feel” and saw it as an opportunity to bring in more unique merchandise that other stories don’t carry.

“We saw the place was open and we liked the curb appeal,” he said. “We kind of just had this idea: Anything you had to drive 20-30 miles away from town to get, make a store and sell that stuff.”

Downtown Sundry sells a mixed bag of items, with food, gifts and other products centered around wellness, travel, home and more displayed on rustic fixtures made of refurbished wooden palettes.

Above the register hangs a blown up old postcard of Warren Street from at least 100 years ago.

The significance of the shop being a “sundry” is that there’s no piece of merchandise offered that is so important, the store should be named after it, Anderson explained.

“If you went online and looked up sundries, you’ll find some, and I don’t think any two of them do the same thing,” he said. “One of the things it does is it gives us flexibility where if we want to switch everything up in the store, we can.”

One of the store’s current best sellers is cannabidiol oil, or CBD oil, which is derived from hemp and now legal in all 50 states after the passing of the Farm Bill. Anderson said customers use it for sleep, anxiety, aches and pains, concentration and more.

Downtown Sundry even offers CBD oil that is safe for animals and could be useful with pets who obsessively scratch, for example.

Customers can also find products from Wild Meats, company based Wilkes-Barre. Downtown Sundry carries jerky and beef sticks from the company, some of which are more on the exotic side, with flavors like alligator.

Raw honeys from The Beekeeper’s Daughter, a Dallas company, and imported spreads are in demand. The store also carries local maple products from Wellsboro.

“It’s just stuff that kind of makes you feel good. I didn’t want to have anything that was vice-related,” he said. “I didn’t want to sell cigarettes or beer or stuff like that.”

Downtown Sundry offers travel services, as Cristina runs a Cruise Planners franchise. They did some branding for the service and sell items like ceramic camper mugs with a custom logo, the 570 area code with deer antlers, and plan to add more in the future.

“We will do some shirts and just have some traditional Tunkhannock stuff, but then do a few of our own designs,” Anderson said.

Also in the future, Anderson said it’s a possibility to bring in coolers to store cheeses and healthy drinks like kombucha.

“If people have suggestions, we’re always willing to listen,” he said.

In addition to helping people with products like CBD oil, Anderson said the customers are the best part of running the new shop.

“I love the two-mile commute first of all, and the people, the customers that have supported us,” he said.



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