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all right thank you so much for joining us this video I want to take this portion of the video now and talk real quickly about the live labs products um you know we're all a product of the product ourselves and so I just want to show you real quick here's our hydro drops the lights too good here that you can see see those so we have one product it comes in three different forms we got the hydro Pro drops which is a mint flavored you know you just put a dropper fall under your tongue or you can put it in the beverage and or a beverage and then these are the on gel caps these are more so this is instantly absorbed because of our our nano emulsion technology so it's it's micro clustered so small that it can go right into your system they catch gel caps on the other hand because they have to go through the digestive system is in your system longer so it's really good for people that want this CBD in your system longer and you know like the for those with digestive issues etc and then the the final application would be a ball and it is the bomb it really does a good job at relieving aches and pains and things like that my cat scratched me the other day on my tummy pretty good trying to jump up any missed you know one of those where and so I you know I put that the Sabol and I have diabetes so sometimes it takes a little longer to heal but I'm telling you like in the next day or two it was almost completely healed I'm like that are you serious that's crazy so this it's really good from for me you know as a diabetic for us helping with healings now before I go any further let me say that any we're gonna share some each of us are going to share our experience with the products so far again this is live labs CBD company top-notch I think its superior to have not been approved by the FDA they're not intended to diagnose treat or cure anything out there please do your own due diligence about CBD or of course any supplement you take the the studies are out there the testimonies are out there so up to you to do your due diligence we are just sharing our own personal experience or the experience of some of our friends and family that we've shared this with so my name is Cyndie Shelton I appreciate you jumping on this video I have been in live labs for a couple just a couple weeks here I've been in CBD for a couple years the company with kind of like a restructure I was never really happy with the comp plan of some of those things had changed a good friend who is a top earner in this industry and he doesn't do anything that isn't top notch when he told me about this I wanted to give it a try and I'm really really glad I did so when I went out you know I'm just gonna be real here with you know I'm heavier so with my body weight sometimes I have to take higher dosages or I may not notice the effects of some things sometimes for four months I mean three months or nine that's kind of the way it is with some supplements anyway you don't you might not feel it for three months you have to be on like three months or maybe six months or longer you know to notice the effects from the first day the one of the first things I've noted I noticed is that how come how deeply I slept that first night my husband too and then also with the energy so I had to be careful in the timing I had to be careful in the timing of taking this some people can take it at night and it helps them sleep really well I had to take mine earlier in the day because I have so much energy but then I still sleep well at night so for me that was a win-win and then the SAB really works well like with sore muscles I've been helping my husband with his shoulder and I need now my my thing with me as my knees are really really really bad I need a double knee replacement a lot of pain all the time and so I've been just taking this inward link but then putting the the balm on you it just once or twice a day and there's been a couple of times I've walked or I've done something I'm like I'm not in pain cuz I'm in constant pain but I'm like it has to be the CBD it's the only thing I've done differently and then as I hear more testimonies we have this little bang do one of you girls have like the trial vials what they look like okay so that little trial dial that Rachel's holding up those are a five-day trial that you can try Rachel can you take it out of the box yeah daddy's got that the box we get five in there but each vial itself is a five-day trial and yep a little bottle like that so that's five days worth that she's holding up there so I'm having people that's taken a half a dose or taking one dose messaging like hey that hemp oil really works that CBD oil is amazing and so what we're just gonna do here real quick is just share our own personal results um or results of family members and friends everybody you know you can read the message maybe that someone sent here with others so we can get the word out about how this is helping it's cool to go to YouTube and you're gonna find a lot of CBD testimonials but it's way cooler when they're people you know your neighbors your friends your family friendly so that makes it really cool so I'm gonna think they'll let you go first just share it you know and if you don't have if you just started maybe you don't have an experience with it yet or whatever that's fine but if you have something you want to share just go right ahead okay um yeah my name is Rachel no I'm actually started like two weeks like little after Cindy did I've got a couple friends taken but they just started like last night I've been taking it taking the capsules and the oil and I honestly I always have trouble sleeping it has helped me with sleeping and I've been taking the bomb or using the balm excuse me on I've got an Achilles tendon I'm guessing on my left leg I mean it's swollen and it hurts pretty bad sometimes is worse at night so I will use the bomb at night and it honestly it doesn't bother me at night I mean it's helped a lot that's really cool okay anybody that you shared it with that has any results yet or you haven't heard back I haven't heard back yeah okay okay cool alrighty thank you for sure okay Diana yes I have a friend it started taking it about eight days ago and he has not lead us and he has has kidney disease and about on the second day we noticed that his sugars in the morning pressure had been running about a hundred and fifty-nine making his blood pressure consecutive leave for the last five days it's been 135 over 75 or 78 so I have to cut that up to him taking the CBD or and then myself I didn't start taking mine until about six days ago and I've better broke sugar and when I went in and talked to the pharmacist I realized that I could reach out and shake your hand and I hadn't been able to do that since the shoulders broke and I can lift my elbow it's still painful so I used the rub just so it's not gonna be painful but I can shake somebody's hand now Diane that's awesome cuz I know that was a really really bad break and if I remember correctly you haven't had any surgery or a setting or anything on it Yeah right not yet wow that's an own-goal you know even after therapy I had like twelve or fifteen bouts of therapy and I couldn't even shake someone's hand when they come up I just have to stick my hand up you know at my side but now I can reach out wow that's the first time I heard that testimonial like yesterday or the day before without the pharmacy and I had been taking it in so I see look here Wow that's phenomenal thank you for sharing all right so Samantha you're next on my screen I'll let me I knew you hear man that's pretty new with us so I don't know I don't want to speak for you I don't know if you have any yet that you want to share no not yet my name is Samantha but not yet okay yeah well the cool thing is like I said is giving away this trial or selling this trial BIOS you can get one of them for $20 I usually charge like three dollars extra for the shipping it doesn't cover all of it but it's a little bit of an average so it can say it you know save you a little save you a little money that way but um I know that Samantha's working on getting this trial BIOS out as well and I'm sure you'll have some results to share with us very soon as well thank you thank you alright Doddie Doddie Rogers hi Cindy you want me just to go ahead and tell a little bit yeah just go ahead and share your experience er okay well I I've only had my product for like a week now and I did take it like sandy I've had one knee replaced and need the other one replaced so I have I still have some pain even in the one that was replaced which seems kind of not right but I do and a lot of pain in the one that in my left knee that needs replacing I have deteriorated disc in my back so I have a lot of back and hip pain and the drops and while I've taken the drops and I've taken the gel tabs at different times and it definitely has helped with the pain level in my knees in my bag and I'm resting better at night I had gotten to where I would wake up at night with my knees hurting so bad I could hardly rest and I don't wake up with them hurting in the night anymore like I was my niece came over one day Betsey Tuesday afternoon a little history on her she had lung cancer and they removed her left lung and she has had spots on her right lung so she's you know still not have the woods even with her right lung but she came and we went ahead and gave her some drops and I think she took the gel tab – maybe she wanted to – try both it at the same time and she also had a spot a scar that she put some balm on and before she left even she said that she was feeling better and so I missed it sure a little later than afternoon and she I asked her how she was feeling and she said she was feeling amazing that you know she hadn't had any back pain like she normally does by the end of the day she she just didn't have any pain in her back so that was good and then so the next day I checked on her and she said she was still doing great that she hadn't had any back pain hardly she had had Sun that day but she took was able to wait until much later in the day to take a prescription medicine and she used some of the balm on her temples when she had a headache and it relieved it almost immediately her daughter who is pregnant so we weren't sure about giving her drops or anything but she also rubbed the balm on her daughter's temple she has been having a lot of migraines and within ten minutes her headache was was relieved so I thought that was great – that's awesome I can attest to the headache thing I had one the other day and I don't get headaches very often but you know rubbing it on my temple and then my you know back behind my my ear a little bit on my neck just it did really do I could not believe how and I'm not quick to take you like ibuprofen or whatever I try not to mainly there I'm also try it so that's awesome all right was there anything else that you want to share Dottie or is that it for you know I've had some other one or two others that are getting good results but you know nothing as definitive as my niece was yet so my daughter took somewhere you see how it does with her so she's just started that's wonderful I've been sharing where our scene and like in our testimonials group where people are giving it to their children they're giving it to their dogs I think Samantha maybe you've been asked about was that so yeah I do want it let me unmute you here okay I did try it on um Maggie she's fun when that storm came through hurricane on Florence and with the thunderstorm she's scared of the lightning and the Thunder so when she hit a train hitting the one that she goes crazy but I gave her some of those drops and like she didn't even pay it no more my so I kept your calm Homer they mm-hmm next she's she would get so nervous to wear anything open door was the dryer wash machine she's jumping in in and out of trying to hide so that's that's authentic she gets but I gave her that drops and I had to keep checking on to make sure she was all right I think what we need to and explain to people is it's not because there's THC in it because there's no THC and this is this is not that you know THC is what's in marijuana that causes the hallucinogenic and the you like the wild man I'm chilling dude but this is non THC and it still has a calming effect on anxiety and stress so that's great to see you did have a testimony this year there's some okay and then I teri let me let's go ahead and let you share okay I want to start off by saying like Cindy I've tried other CBDs over the last year year and a half and I have to say for me personally this is the best that I'm finding for myself and for people that I'm sharing it with um everybody's visibles could bury but you know I've had some experience with it and I'm really happy to be sharing this with people because it really works so I have some neighbors and a few people post me that have some great testimonials I have an elderly neighbor who fell recently and broke the upper bone in her arm and I put and I gave her the ball which gives it instant relief the swelling the breathing everything has gone down a lot I think faster than it might have otherwise and she also takes the drops and you know I think it takes the edge off but it does it instantly I mean it's taking what could be a really difficult situation yes yes that three times a day gets rubbed on her shoulder and her arm and she instantly feels relief and see then I have another neighbor who has some aches and pains and I gave her some of the balm and I had to rub it in I said I don't know if it'll work immediately let me know what happens and she goes oh no it already started working someone else close to me who's going through chemotherapy right now and she had a pretty major surgery and recently she's putting the bomb on a very large scar and sometimes it's painful in that area and the bomb gives her instant relief and like I said she's going through chemo right now she's taking the oil and she's able to function she's able to go she was feeling not so great before she started it and the first time she took it within probably less than a half hour she went from not doing up to doing anything and feeling really bad to say but you know tormal and she wanted to go out and we went out for the afternoon and she just she was she said I'm feeling like myself and it helps her sleep and so you know these are really amazing things and I I feel we're all blessed to be able to have this for ourselves and to share with others because it's really making a difference and lastly my neighbor who's elderly who recently broke her arm the doctor wanted to give her a narcotic drug for the pain and I actually took her to emergency and I told the doctor I didn't think it was a good idea and I wanted a good receive the oil and the doctor said go ahead and that's what we've been doing so we're taking care of the pain naturally Terri those are phenomenal testimonies now wasn't it one of you that you know you're bringing up the Dodgers brought up another thought is that this isn't just quack a wacko you know people out there there are doctors and pharmacists wasn't it one of you that that even shared that your pharmacist wanted a trial vial was that one of you guys I had mentioned that was that you Dianne let me unmute you that was me with the pharmacist yesterday I just stopped after I got the prescription I was picking up for my friend and I said I want to talk to me pharmacist and she came over there and she said yes have you ever heard of CBD she said yes I have seen a lot of studies on it and we do have Kevin oil known receptors in our body and I do know that they need to be replenished and she said why I mean you it announces oh yes matter of fact let me get you a trial vow and she bore just went up there and got her purse and after I showed her my arm where she opened up that bow and put it under her tongue and let it sit there you know that's a good idea that you said that that let it sit there maybe not swallow it so quick I mean I use it swallow kind of good but it is flavorful enough it's sweet and flavorful enough you could leave it even sit there and it's probably even better that's good to know when you put it under the tongue that's the best way for it to absorb into your body and the fastest way so if you can put it on your tongue that's that's what I do I'm gonna start doing that I haven't been doing that that long and this is the one CBD oil I feel like I can because I have another and I'm not gonna hold it up but it from my own company and it tastes like it's not the kind okay you know I do I did go ahead and put it in my mouth and just chase it quick with water or juice but this you actually can leave there without the aftertaste the bitter the oily well I'm gonna share just quickly a couple more testimonials from one was from my neighbor I was so she bought a trial by I was telling her that my husband I both slept so well last night and the bomb had really he had hurt his shoulder and I wasn't sure with her than she says that's great I took some this morning and she had been sick the day before took some this morning and definitely have more energy than yesterday and feeling better hoping it's the oil will continue throughout the week and keep you posted and then later that same evening she says I have to say I'm feeling so much better I'm a tad stuffy yet barely I'm thinking it has to be the CBD and she said between you and my me I got my monthly friend and I usually suffer very bad cramps but not today she said this is crazy I thought that is such a cold testimony because we you know one of the testimonies I heard that a gentleman shared about his child that was like throwing up like hundreds of times within a month you know a month or like a hundred I think it was like maybe a hundred fifty time over a period of months maybe I don't want to exaggerate that but taking the CBD oil not only help that it helped there there were many other things that helped that they weren't expecting because you have you know you we tend to think about the things that are hurting us the most or causing the most aggravation or whatever but it has and and Diane you you mentioned it about the cannabic cannabinoids you said there are receptors in our body that cannot communicate with each other their weight properly because of our bodies are in bad shape or the food you eat and things we drink or whatever but this allows those receptors to communicate and bring us our bodies back into to balance so I want to share another testimonial of a gal that by a trial a trial bio here and I let me see me find her real quick sorry pardon me here she said oh hey I'm Nate I said show I'd sent him to her this is all right in the middle of Florence like Samantha Henry through to and so she I woke up the fault you know a couple mornings after I'd sent her she said hey I need to share something with you about God's timing yesterday I had an appointment with my orthopedic surgeon she told me I was headed for a hip replacement or back surgery she told me I have been in so much pain I have not been sleeping nor can I walk without assistance or a cane I took the oil when I got home it was in the mailbox so I was not paying too much attention when I got it from the couch without wincing I thought to myself well that extra pillow must have helped I came back I went to work on the computer starting to get tired so I took my regular meds went to sleep I slept so peaceful and rested I actually rested I got up and my hip was not hurting I had to sit there a month a moment think why is going on this is like cannabis oil girl day one this is working the second I can get the money I'm ordering the time-release capsules now I have a couple people wanting to buy it how do I get referral credit to get mine cheaper I am sold that is just a fantastic such a fantastic testimony and then she touched on something that I kind of want to I have other testimonies a guy with cerebral palsy that always has pain in his legs he took a half a dose and for the first time in a long time his legs were in pain I mean so there's there are so many other testimonies I could share but this gal touched on something you know I am sold on you know how dry the referral credit that I can get mine cheaper and so one of the things that live labs does you can become a promoter and I think all of us all of us on this call this video are our promoters we act you know or actually this is our business you know that we are working on building and earning it and come with but you as a customer Rachel can you hold up that file again or somebody that has it closed fine you can purchase this file and try it for yourself get back to the person that gave you the video if it was one of the people in this video or maybe someone else you know anyway give back to the person that gave you this video see how to get your five day trial and then um become a customer and when you become a customer you actually as a customer get a referral link you're not building a business you're not earning income you know not everybody every a lot of people on try the product but they don't want a business but they would love to learn how to get their product free so we haven't set up within this company that yes even as a customer you can get a referral link and as you share it with three other people three other people become active customers as long as they're active you get yours for free and so I think that makes us even more powerful you know for those that just want the product and would like to get their product for free that's how you can do it and so there'll be information in the description below make any contact information for the person for you to get back with so I'll get back with them you contact them on Facebook or email or call them or whatever and check out any links in the description learn more about this product do your due diligence and then get back with the person that gave you this video so thank you ladies all of you for being on here i with the appreciate you sharing your testimonials and we'll see you next time


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