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The modern body is taking a beating. Anything from desk jobs requiring us to sit hunched over a computer day in day out to pushing our limits down the sides of mountains to simply developing stiffness with age can send shooting and stabbing pain to our overworked joints, muscles, and bones.

Musculoskeletal pain disrupts an estimated 126 Million Americans’ lives (roughly 1 out of 2 adults) as a result of extended sitting, sports injuries, and arthritis according to the United States Bone and Joint Initiative (USBJI).

In the past, the go-to remedy was over-the-counter (OTC) pain relievers or prescription opiates, however, research has revealed that long-term use of these medications can be harmful to your health or even deadly, especially if you take other medications. Likewise, dependence on prescription pain medication has led to a national opiate addiction crisis impacting the nearly one-third of American lives’ first or second-hand. Thus, consumers are shying away from conventional treatment.

As the American public becomes privier to the potentially harmful effects of conventional medications, an increasing number of consumers are turning to Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) for pain relief. To meet the demand, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has prepared new guidance for FDA-registered natural and holistic treatments, making it easier for consumers to decipher the legitimacy of natural products on the market from questionable alternatives.

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A new FDA monographed topical medication on the market is challenging popular OTC medications with powerful creams and ointments powered by nature.

So before you grab your bottle of Ibuprofen and Ben Gay or from the medicine cabinet or head to your doctor for something stronger, you may wish to consider other options to relieve your pain.

Turning Over a New Leaf with Natural Treatment

CBDMEDIC, a subsidiary of Aidance Scientific and Abacus Health Products, Inc. has answered the public demand for safer pain relievers with a new class of pain-relieving products that combine natural oils and analgesics to help stop the pain in its tracks. Natural pain management alternatives pave new avenues for relief.

After recognizing that it is hard to find an effective, fast-acting natural treatment for the increasing need to treat aches and pain, a team of seasoned executives, scientists and regulatory advisors dedicated themselves to developing a natural solution to pain management.

Perry Antelman, a seasoned pharmaceutical manufacturer of topical, dermatological products and Dr. Bharat Madhavan, a multi-patent holding microbiologist, used their combined experience of product development and regulation requirements to create a proprietary formula that combines analgesic and natural ingredients.

Standardization and regulation are one of the core missions of the company in order to educate the public on CBD products blended with natural herbs. Their product is one of the first OTC medications containing cannabidiol (CBD) hemp extract from cannabis sativa L plant to gain FDA registration, meaning it has the highest control standards on the market to ensure its safety.

Camphor, menthol, CBD extract, eucalyptus, peppermint, and other natural ingredients combine to soothe and offer long-lasting relief by seeping deep into the skin to interrupt the pain receptors. The products have the added benefit of shea butter and/or jojoba oil to promote healthy, youthful skin. While the general consumer may be weary of products containing CBD, the product is non-psychoactive and safe to use day or night.

This could be a game-changer in the way the American public treats their muscle and joint pain.

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CBDMEDIC Creams and Ointments

CBDMEDIC recognized that they needed to bring an easily-accessible, cost-effective solution to the market that was strong, faster, and longer-lasting than anything on the market to work out those tired and achy muscles and joints. Now you can find their products at mass and local retail chains as well as their e-commerce platform.

While the company specializes in OTC treatments, they started distributing products to healthcare professionals in 2016.

To guarantee the utmost safety, healing, and fast-absorption, CBDMEDIC only uses natural and organic oils for a topical treatment. The ingredients include the highest level of OTC compliant active ingredients (monographs).

Since the ingredients do not enter the bloodstream, they are unlikely to interfere with other medications or have serious side-effects.

The product line includes active support cream for sports-induced muscle and joint pain, a back and neck cream for back and neck strains, and an arthritis cream to combat arthritic pain, stiffness, and swelling.

It certainly cannot hurt to try these soothing creams and ointments.

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