CBD Oil – The #1 Reason CBD Oil is Superior to Marijuana (and How They May Work Together)

CBD Oil – The #1 Reason CBD Oil is Superior to Marijuana (and How They May Work Together)


If interest in search engines is any indicator, the popularity and interest in CBD oil is growing and for good reason. The cannabidiol oil benefits are both effective and quite potent. The anti-anxiety effects seem to be the most useful aspect of CBD for most people.

A 2015 study in Neurotherapeutics looked at CBD oil as a treatment for anxiety and concluded that “…CBD has considerable potential as a treatment for multiple anxiety disorders…”. In fact, this effect is so powerful an oft-cited study in Neuropsychopharmacology showed CBD could reduce anxiety in public speaking for participants who suffered with social phobia.

For some experienced people with marijuana, the thought of reducing anxiety might seem odd (as the stereotype goes, marijuana makes people more anxious). Research suggests it is the THC that creates anxiety for people while the CBD counteracts this effect. Since the 1960s, marijuana has gone from about 3 – 5% THC to now 28%, which creates an imbalance in anxiety-inducing effects.

Moving on, CBD oil benefits include anti-inflammatory effects. According to a 2010 study in the Future of Medical Chemistry journal, CBD hemp oil could reduce inflammation by deregulating cytokines (chemical compounds that cause inflammation. Another study showed reduced TNF-a (a marker of inflammation) after use of cannabinoid oil.

The former study suggested the anti-inflammatory effects were so strong, it could help with chronic inflammation and diseases like multiple-sclerosis, cancers, and others. For people not struggling from disease per-se, the anti-inflammatory response can help avoid joint pain and reduce long-term injuries to improve quality of life.

Finally, for the approximately 70 million Americans (and countless others around the world) who suffer from poor quality sleep, CBD oil can be an effective tool to increase both sleep quality and quantity.

However, this is dose dependant. Larger doses can have a tranquil sleep-inducing effect, while smaller doses interact with adenosine receptors (similar mechanism as coffee), which can help to increase alertness.

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