CBD and 7 Health Benefits of Cannabidiol

CBD and 7 Health Benefits of Cannabidiol

Keith Copeland from Tennessee Hills CBD 7 Benefits of CBD or cannabidiol oil.
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7 Health Benefits of cbd

CBD, also known as cannabidiol is an increasingly popular Natural Health addition to your life. Typically comes from the cannabis plant, which is also called marijuana or hemp.

The difference between marijuana and hemp, in terms of legal distinction is that hymn contains less than .3 percent of THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol. That is an insignificant amount of THC and it will not get you high.

Although CBD in the u.s. is derived from hemp it can also be derived from the quote-unquote marijuana plant.

For this discussion we will focus on the hemp derived CBD.

So there are a number of benefits from CBD oil that have been studied by our government at the National Institute of Health or NIH. We'll take a look at these studies and what they found and list those benefits.

But first let's talk a little bit about CBD and why it works. We're going more depth on this topic and later video, but we'll discuss it now just to get an understanding of how and why it works.

In the early 19th century a scientist discovered that the human body has an endocannabinoid system that has receptors in virtually every part of our body. Our bodies produce cannabinoids that 50s receptors and cause our body 2 function in a healthy and holistic Way.

1) CBD For Sleep and insomnia

CBD is a phytocannabinoid. And when CBD is ingested it fits these endocannabinoid receptors perfectly. And when it does it enhances our body's ability to utilize the other chemicals and compounds that we naturally produce.

Serotonin is a good example. When we ingest the Cannabis Fido cannabinoids and they lock into our Endo cannabinoid scepters it allows serotonin to function much better.

2) CBD For Pain Relief

Will CBD interacting with the end of cannabinoid receptors and the neurotransmitters in our brain and body it has been shown to reduce inflammation. Inflammation is now widely accepted as a cause of pain.

Inflammation is also being found to increase the likelihood of disease such as rheumatoid arthritis and Cancers.

It follows that if you can reduce inflammation and you can reduce the probability of disease and reduce pain levels.

3) CBD oil For Anxiety and Depression Reduction

Anxiety and depression are very common today due to all the stress and demands that we have in today's society. Plus we have more access to more information from the media that brings more troubling bad news and our lives that we hadn't had in the past.

It's no wonder the more people are anxious and depressed today.

In one study of anxiety disorders 24 people received either 600 mg of CBD and the other half received a placebo.

The group receiving CBD were found to have significantly less anxiety and discomfort then the group that did not get CBD.

CBD also has an antidepressant effect that eases the mind and lift the spirits. They think this is due to the serotonin receptors which regulate mood attitude.

4) CBD For Blood Pressure and Heart Health

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We're looking to make sure that we bring the good news of CBD to you and your family and community. Again, my name is Keith from Tennessee Hills CBD. Thanks.

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