Cannabis-infused considered for massage parlors, nail salons and more – FOX5 Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) – Wellness professionals like massage therapists, reflexologists, and nails tech could soon be using cannabis-infused products in their services.

It’s part of Senate Bill 228, backed by State Senators Pat Spearman and David Parks.

The bill “authorizes a provider of health care, massage therapist, nail technologist, reflexologist, structural integration practitioner, or person who provides wellness services” to administer marijuana-infused products as long as the client provides the product.

It also allows wellness professionals to recommend the use of marijuana or industrial hemp to treat a condition.

“It's another layer of holistic health being introduced to people,” said MRI Massage co-owner Erica Vickery. “It's just an amazing plant that has a lot of properties and benefits if used correctly.”

MRI Massage specializes in helping people with chronic pain through massage therapy. It’s known for its use of CBD products. Places like IMR can only cannabis from the hemp plant. CBD products contain .3% of THC or less.

Vickery said they help patients with a wide variety of ailments and added THC could help special cases relax more during their therapy.

“There's so much science out there that I know can back that the cannabis plant can help with so many more ailments. CBD is so limited. The strength [cannabis could provide] I think would benefit clients that come to us with rheumatoid arthritis, or fibromyalgia, those that are wanting a little bit higher dose.”

Vickey said she does have some reservations about the bill, especially when it comes to liability.

“The downside would be for those who are not educating themselves and are just kind of jumping on it,” said Vickery. “I don't know what the liabilities and risks would look like.”

The bill also said it would “prohibit medical professionals from refusing to prescribe certain controlled substances for the treatment of pain solely because the patient uses marijuana.”

It also establishes a Cannabis Control Commission.

Senate Bill 228 was introduced on February 18th. It has not yet been scheduled to go before the Assembly.



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