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Anxiety is a bane that affects a lot of people these days in the United Kingdom. The condition is ranked number 6 concerning causing disability, and that is not a good sign. Many of us do not believe in treating ourselves when it comes to stress or anxiety attacks, which is why it is imperative that it should be taken care of.

Let us now take a look at some of the natural ways that would be essential in relieving these problems or at least mitigating it by a considerable margin.

Natural ways to mitigate Stress and Anxiety

Some of the most naturally effective ways to reduce stress and anxiety are now given as follows:

1. Get a good amount of sleep –This is something that we usually skip and is perhaps the biggest reason that the generation of today is facing anxiety. We must get a considerable amount of sleep if we are working continuously for long hours. This ensures that you get enough downtime and let your mind get that much calmer so that you will be that much fresher the next morning. There are official studies that have shown that sleep deprivation is the primary reason for anxiety, and it might escalate if its not taken care of.

2. CBD Oil – CBD or Cannabidiol is a chemical compound that is derived from cannabis. CBD oil has been legal in the UK since 2018, has many benefits and is available in cities across the country as well as online. CBD essentially helps us by releasing cannabinoids in our system as it breaks down. This releases a calming effet which helps keep our mental health steady. Besides anxiety, another primary reason people turn to CBD is to help manage pain.

3. Exercise –Working out at regular intervals, or for a set amount of routines after you have come back from office hours positively helps in reducing stress. It is non-mandatory that you need to sweat it out to reduce stress, just do a concentrated 5-minute workout consisting of aerobic exercises. This will make you feel right as rain. You can even just go for a short run in the park, which will, in turn, be beneficial for you.

4. Decrease Caffeine Intake –As working professionals and homemakers, we tend to depend on caffeinated drinks like tea and coffee to essentially keep us awake and boost our moods. While this may seem to be a good idea at first, it is not. Caffeine intake must be reduced considerably as it has a linear effect on your anxiety levels. The reason is that caffeine has high cortisol content, which will have adverse impacts on your health and thus causes stress.

5. Laugh some more – They say laughter is the best medicine, and it is always true. Laughter mainly reduces hormones that induce stress, thereby increasing cell immunity and produces antibodies that fight common to adverse infections. Laughing hard also ejects a lot of endorphins that are favorable for your body and indicates a great reduction in stress levels. It is also important to understand that endorphins also assist with relieving any kind of pain that you might be feeling and essentially gives you a sense of positiveness.

6. Consume Green Tea –It is important to know that green tea does help in alleviating stress issues by a good amount as well. Especially decaf green tea is scientifically considered to be a great instrument in anxiety reduction. This is because of an amino acid called L-theanine, which is considered to have calming effects, and that is what results in raising your health levels as well. It also helps you with getting a good night’s sleep as well.

7. Learn the Power of NoReducing stress is not just about taking in things that would help you to decrease stress. It is also about how you converse and talk and behave in your daily life. An important thing to understand is when to say no to things that do not concern you. It should be understood that saying No will not make you lose sight of yourself or your goal. You can say no to excessive work, no to things that do not feel right to you, no to relationships that are not taking you anywhere. Keep your life simple, and stress will never come to you.


The points mentioned are some of how you will be able to reduce your worries by a great amount. You do not have to worry much; you only need to take and enjoy life step by step and to follow these points until it becomes a habit for you to adopt.

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