1st real testing of THC | Raphael Mechoulam on THC & CBD Effects | Cannabis Scientist’s Special Cake

1st real testing of THC | Raphael Mechoulam on THC & CBD Effects | Cannabis Scientist’s Special Cake

And these compounds included the only one active compound,

We tested at that time in monkeys.

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I had a colleague who worked in a nearby Institute

And he had a colony of monkeys

and he and his group indeed tested these compounds in monkeys and surprisingly found

that only one compound did anything in these monkeys it sedated him they didn't sleep but they were sedated

on the basis of this particular observation we decided there is just one active compound and surprisingly this is true to this very day

there is only one major active compound which is named now

Delta nine tetrahydrocannabinol THC and this compound causes essentially all the hashish type cannabis type effects that we know so well

we wanted to see whether well whether this compound protects and monkeys actuals and humans so we did a small experiment

there's a wonderful story it was many years ago about the cake the special cake the Dalia made

well that was a real testing of THC

we had a few of our friends take 10 milligrams of pure THC

on a piece of cake my wife prepared

and five took only the cake without the THC and we compared the effects

none of us had ever used cannabis before

as a matter of fact very few people had used cannabis at that time in Israel

all those that to the THC were affected

but surprisingly they were affected differently

some said well we just feel kind of strange in a different world

we went to sit back and enjoy

another one said nothing happens but he didn't stop talking all the time a third one said well nothing's happens for every 15 20 seconds who burst out laughing

these effects are well known today people are differently affected

in one case however one of the participants got into an anxiety state

she felt I believe that her psychological gods if you wish for breaking down

and all of a sudden she she was open to everybody

so she really got into an anxiety state

in some cases with definitely see anxiety attacks

most do not most just feel kind of a little bit disoriented

maybe a little bit too sedated maybe a little bit open to discussion

and socially open to whatever is being discussed

Cannabis is what I'm known for cannabis is a very old plant very old medicine if you will that people have used it for so many indications over the years in the literature marijuana has been used for all the different types of things one would say well you know this is crazy there is no such plan that can you know do all of this and and today it's very easy to really go back to this old literature about the different indications for which marijuana was prescribed and find out that there is justification for that

Cannabis was used in the Middle East for thousands of years as medicine who knows maybe for other things as well many of the tribes at the time used cannabis Assyrians used it for medicine used it for excitation as use it in religion the Egyptians used it as medicine surprisingly the Greeks and the Romans didn't know about a psycho activity but they used a cannabis as anti-inflammatory drug

cannabis in India was used by people who want to be delivered from all worries and care

well that's quite a good definition of anti-anxiety

we knew that cannabis had been used for epilepsy

in the past

in the past there is for example of translation of Arab story of the 15th century and it says it one of the Arab leaders had epilepsy physician came over and gave him cannabis and he cured him but he had to take it for his entire life so the field kind of told us tried an epilepsy we first tried it in animals and it worked so at this point we decided to go into humans trial took place in Sao Paulo they had about 10 people that had epilepsy that could not be affected by the known drugs we started giving them high doses of cannabidiol 200 milligrams per day and you are producing the cannabidiol from hashish for almost 40 years we didn't produce it we hydrated it we separated it from hashish hashish contains about 4% 5% cannabidiol so it is really quite difficult to isolate to obtain large amounts but we did that we were happy to note that indeed they had no seizures while they were taking cannabidiol and it was published and nothing happened afterwards so far 34 years later this is the only publication of cannabidiol in humans against epilepsy when when starts a research one never knows how it ends you know how you start

Cannabis: Dr Raphael Mechoulam

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