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How much CBD Oil should I take? CBD Oil Dosing

Review what you must know about CBD Oil dosage – usage and how much CBD Oil you should take.

Each BODY is different as we all have a different endocannabinoid system

–How Much CBD Oil Should I Take?

The amount of CBD Oil you take is very important. Always start off small and move up the dosage. Taking Too Much can actually result in having no effective results whereas a much smaller amount can have great healing results. Strange and the opposite of what one might think!

But, the simple fact is that people use CBD for all sorts of ailments and disorders, and there’s no one single dose that works for everyone — factors such as your own endocannabinoid system and whether or not you’re taking medications need to be taken into
consideration before using CBD.

The range of common CBD doses that most people take is
relatively consistent. And the good news, of course, is that CBD is an incredibly safe and virtually risk-free therapy; it has minimal side
effects, no significant contraindications, and there has never been a single known case of CBD overdose. A minor upset stomach can happen if taken on an empty stomach.

Here are some common doses that seem to work for the majority of people. This is NOT Medical Advice and you first consult your physician before starting any nutritional supplement program such as CBD Oil.

Our experience shows that the majority of CBD users tend to prefer to administer an oil tincture sublingually (under the tongue) with our included dropper bottle. This is because CBD is most efficient and versatile when absorbed directly into the bloodstream. The oil should be held under the tongue for 60-90 seconds.

In general, you’ll want to start your doses out small and move up from there. The majority of frequent (daily) CBD users find that a dose between 10 and 20 mg (administered once or twice daily) is enough to provide effective relief from a variety of ailments.

However, a lot of people out there will find fantastic relief with as little as 1-3 mg per day. Most patients simply take a dose in the morning, and then another one about 12 hours later in the evening. Feel free to spread out over 3 times a day as well. It's safe.
CBD BioCare Medical Grade CBD Oil
**serving size is 1.2ml which is a full dropper**
and below is the Approximate mg per serving per type of formula:

Full Spectrum CBD Oil Concentrations once or twice per day.:

Bottle Sz – Amt CBD per full dropper (approximates)
500mg – 20mg per full dropper (CBD per drop: .83mg)
750mg – 30 mg per full dropper (CBD per drop: 1.25mg)
1000mg – 40mg per full dropper (CBD per drop: 1.66mg)
1500 mg – 60mg per full dropper (CBD per drop: 2.50mg)
3500 mg – 140mg per full dropper (CBD per drop 5.81mg)

We are NOT medical doctors and we are not providing ANY kind of recommendations. Suggestions only based on what we and others personally take to obtain results. Please consult your physician for suggestions & recommendations.

A lot of people find that a single daily dose is enough to provide relief, so they have no need to take an additional afternoon or evening dose. Using the least amount of CBD possible is good not only for financial reasons but it also eliminates the slight potential of building up a tolerance to the active compound. (Although it’s generally regarded that CBD is less prone to tolerance than is THC).

For pain many patients may find a “sweet spot” somewhere between 10 and 20 mg, taken once or twice a day (or perhaps even three times a day if the pain is severe). For psychological disorders like anxiety or depression, much smaller doses (often less than 2 mg) are typically required.

That being said, many people take multiple CBD doses well in excess of 30 mg a day, without noticing any adverse side effects.

(And one other thing of note, it’s safe to say that CBD for epilepsy and seizures typically require much higher doses than do other conditions – depending on the severity of the seizures, up to 300 mg per day is often required).

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